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Narita International Airport Email Newsletter
Issue No.103, 29/5/2020
Greetings from the Narita Airport email newsletter editorial office.

Some great news, hot off the press!
Narita Airport has been named as the World's Best Airport Dining Experience in a survey of customers at airports around the world carried out by the UK-based aviation service research company, SKYTRAX!

More details here (Japanese) [PDF 687KB]

That accolade was the result of our call for votes from our readers in the 95th edition of our email newsletter. Thank you all for voting!

Many of the shops and restaurants in the passenger terminals have closed temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic but when they reopen, they will offer the same steadfast commitment to safe, reliable, convenient, and enjoyable services.
In addition to the World's Best Airport Dining Experience, we have ranked in the top 10 of 15 award categories, including 7th overall and 2nd for Best Airport Staff.
We thank you for your votes and remain committed at Team NRT to continuing to work together to extend a warm welcome to you.
Special feature
Up Close & Personal with a Customer & Staff Support Team Member!
A look at the work Narita International employees do: Part 13!
Urgent Survey! Selection of Narita Airport Memories
What's new
Changes & Cancellations in Some Transport Timetables (As of 27 May(Wed), 02:00pm)
Coronavirus Pandemic Alert (As of 27 May (Wed), 00:00pm)
The changes of arrival terminals of some arrival flights (JEJU AIR, SPRING AIRLINES and SPRING JAPAN)(As of 7 May (Thu), 6:00 pm)
Temporary Closure or Changes to Operating Hours of Terminal Facilities, Airport Shops and Service Facilities (As of 28 May(Thu), 19:00)
Press releases
Monthly Traffic Statistics (April 2020)
Monthly Traffic Statistics (March 2020)
Special feature
Up Close & Personal with a Customer & Staff Support Team Member!
A look at the work Narita International employees do: Part 13!
In each issue, we showcase the work of staff who have been commended by our customers. In this issue, we highlight a member of the airport information staff who is responsible for providing information and wheelchair assistance at information counters. These are the people that you should contact first if you have a problem at the airport.
The person featured in this issue was a recipient of the Annual Special CS Award last fiscal year and is a true customer service specialist in every sense of the word. He is currently a supervisor assisting the staff that he works with.

The details of Mr. Asagi's award can be found here (Japanese)
Takuji Asagi
Belongings : Airport Terminal Service Co., Ltd.
Name : Takuji Asagi
Tell us about yourself.
My name is Takuji Asagi. I work for Airport Terminal Service Co., Ltd. I joined the company straight after graduating from my technical college and have been working at Narita Airport for 15 years.
During that time, my work involved assisting passengers with connections and procedures, providing wheelchair assistance and also helping at the information counters, etc. At present, I supervise inbound passport control fast lanes and electric cart services on the airside after departure passport control.
What part of your work so far has left an impression on you?
Providing information services is a job where you can really feel that you are providing a service to customers.
I particularly like helping visitors to Japan who are not familiar with using public telephones in Japan. It makes the job very worthwhile.
There are a lot of people who, having just arrived in the country, ask for help in unfamiliar surroundings. Witnessing that moment when their faces light up at being able to master use of the telephone provides a real sense of accomplishment.
How did you get into this job?
I learned about the possibility of doing announcements at the airport. One of the class activities when I was at college was a visit to the terminals at Narita Airport.
I had a secret desire to be in charge of announcements in the passenger terminals and during that visit, I happened to hear an announcement with a male voice. I began looking into jobs for males where I could do announcements and that is where I found airport information services.
I have always been interested in the English language and I come from an area near the airport so that is probably why I got interested in working at the airport.
What are some of the best and worst parts of your job.
I continue doing this job because, fundamentally, I like communicating with people and I like dealing with customers. But now I am a supervisor, I focus my energy on staff support by providing an environment which is easy to work in and training them in ways to offer pleasant, quality services.
So when they tell me that they are glad they are working for me, I am motivated to do more for them. However, there are still issues to be resolved in satisfying all of the staff and it is difficult to provide an environment suited to the skills and approach to work of each individual. Nevertheless, I will continue to work on that.
Please share the most memorable moments from your job.
That was when I was driving electric carts last year. I had a young family on board and it was Christmas Day. They enjoyment of the little kids on the cart really impressed me.
The cart looked vaguely like a sleigh and I felt like Santa Clause (he said with a broad grin). When they got off the cart, we all wished each other Merry Christmas and went our separate ways. It was just the greatest feeling.
How do you spend your days off?
I used to play bass in a band and do some DJing but these days I spend all my time playing with my 2-year-old daughter.
Lately, we have been able to have little conversations so it is even more fun. Every day she gets me to imitate her favorite character and loves it no matter how many times I do it. So that is fun for me too.
What do you like about Narita Airport?
It is always changing. I've been working at Narita Airport for about 15 years but it amazes me that I still discover something new when I visit a terminal or place that I haven't been to for a while.
I was really surprised to the "Welcome Back" signboard featuring a Super Mario Brothers' character on the arrival concourse. It's a fun place because it is always changing and evolving.
What places do you recommend in Narita Airport?
"Sky Lounge Wa" on the concourse linking the main and satellite buildings in Terminal 2.
It is a very relaxing area with chairs that you can relax and sleep in, sofas with recharging facilities, and spaces to lie down. It really lives up to the word, "lounge".
On either side of the lounge are the areas where the electric carts operate and every time I pass while I am working, I promise myself that I will visit it next time I travel.
A nice aspect of the lounge is that it looks out onto the apron area where the aircraft are parked.
What are your work goals for the future?
Being able to receive the CS Award after all this time really made my year. But I believe that it is through the efforts of all of the electric cart staff who work with me that we are able to provide excellent service every day.
It motivates me work harder not only for the benefit of our customers but also so that more of our people can be recognized for the work which would give our staff more to smile about when they work.
Do you have a few words for our readers?
I have been involved in a variety of jobs since joining the company and every one of them had a part that I found rewarding. That part in all of the jobs was the act of helping people to travel.
This is the key role of an airport. For airport staff, even if the work they are doing is not something they had in mind, the trick is for them to find something positive in the work to make it enjoyable. All airport jobs are interlinked somewhere so no experience will be in vain.

There are all different types of people working at the airport and by looking around and imagining how they came to get into their job, it might be possible to find a different approach to job enjoyment.
[ Interviewer Comments ]
Mr. Asagi's warm personality was evident throughout the interview, particularly with his comment that he has always liked customer service and being a people person. The story about the Christmas electric cart also comes to mind and delivers a sense of warmth. It was nice to hear that he is committed not only to providing good service to customers but also to being considerate to his fellow workers. Thank you Mr. Asagi.
Urgent Survey! Selection of Narita Airport Memories
With the COVID-19 pandemic, coming out to the airport for a spot of enjoyment is still out of the question. Even during Golden Week when we normally see tens of thousands of travelers leaving from the airport, the airport looked bare.
However, this is a perfect opportunity to hear from our airport fans about their fondest memories of Narita Airport. We have selected some of the large number of responses to include in two parts: Fond Memories of Narita Airport and My Next Destination from Narita Airport. Thank you!
Here are some of the submissions that we received!
Fond Memories of Narita Airport
"I was between connecting flights when I dropped my mobile phone in the toilet. It turned deep blue and I rushed to the nearest mobile phone shop. The shop assistant thought the phone might have been ruined but as a last resort, tried drying it out with a hair dryer. Miraculously it worked and I was very relieved."
[ Editor's Comment ]
Apparently, this was more than 10 years ago. What a stroke of luck that the phone worked again!(It was surprising that a mobile phone could be fixed with a hair dryer.) Thanks to the shop assistant, the story had a happy ending which gave us in this office a warm feeling. We have a system that recognizes staff who provide outstanding service so please share your experience with us.

CS Award (Japanese)

"I have a very vivid memory of traveling on the JR Narita Express with my husband when we were both leaving on separate business trips overseas, and parting company in the departures area of the airport."
[ Editor's Comment ]
How romantic!What a rare opportunity to see each other off in the airside after passport control. How utterly enjoyable to go duty-free shopping together and relax in a lounge together watching the aircraft until it is time departure. I would love to do that.
My Next Destination from Narita
Top spot with more votes than anywhere else. Blue seas, warm weather . . . The best of both worlds. The fact that it is easy to communicate in Japanese is also one reason that it is a very popular destination.

This got the most votes of any Asian destination. Thailand is particularly popular with its low prices and great food. A great spot for a short stay of 2 or 3 nights. I would love to tell people I am going to Thailand for the weekend!

"Santorini, Greece"
Only an hour away from Athens, the capital of Greece, visitors from around the world are lured to the beautiful contrast between the deep blue Mediterranean Sea and white buildings of Santorini. When the sun sets below the horizon, the crowds of visitors assembled on vantage points spontaneously erupt into applause.
What do you think? We received so many beautiful stories and wonderful destinations. We really enjoyed reading them here. We will feature more in coming editions.
I hope that Narita Airport can help you made beautiful memories next time you visit us. Here's hoping that day comes soon.
What's new
Changes & Cancellations in Some Transport Timetables (As of 27 May(Wed), 02:00pm)
There have been changes and service cancellations on some express bus timetables.

Coronavirus Pandemic Alert (As of 27 May (Wed), 00:00pm)
The Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and other government agencies are working in conjunction with airport companies to detect and stop the spread of the virus at Narita Airport.
When coming to the airport, please observe and cooperate with the following.

The changes of arrival terminals of some arrival flights (JEJU AIR, SPRING AIRLINES and SPRING JAPAN)(As of 7 May (Thu), 6:00 pm)
The arrival terminals of the following flights will be changed from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 from April 4th upon the request by the government to conduct the strengthened quarantine measures.

Affected flights
-JEJU AIR 7C1104

Temporary Closure or Changes to Operating Hours of Terminal Facilities, Airport Shops and Service Facilities (As of 28 May(Thu), 19:00)
Due to the increasing number of coronavirus infections, some shops and service facilities will close temporarily or change their operating hours.
Please note that actual shop hours may vary to those hours shown on the airport website and in our floor guide.

We apologize for this inconvenience and ask for your understanding.
Please refer the following for more details.

Press releases
28/5/2020 Monthly Traffic Statistics (April 2020) (PDF:583KB)
28/4/2020 Monthly Traffic Statistics (March 2020) (PDF:582KB)
> NAA Press release
Note from the editor
While it is difficult to come and enjoy the airport, we have provided a little more content than normal in this edition for your enjoyment. I hope you have enjoyed it.

In the next edition, we will launch a program for highlighting the most popular cities to visit. Countries where there are still few tourists from Japan, recommended spots to visit and surprising dining information. Stay tuned!!
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